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tv   FOX19 Morning News Extra  FOX  March 10, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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thon dan & frank toss to break over picture of car
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cancer is the number one cause of death by disease for kids 14 and younger in the united states. that statistic is the reason st. jude children's research hospital in memphis exists. we see the patients everyday...and it really reminds us what we're trying to do doctor stacey ogden, a cincinnati native is a lead researcher in the department of cell & molecular biology. the research we're doing can make a difference in someone's life dr. ogden shares the vision of late actor danny thomas. in 1962....thomas made it his mission to create a facility dedicated to children and saving their lives regardless of faith, race, gender or the ability for families to pay for care. nats of danny thomas dedicating the hospital from that point to this..... intense research and new treatment protocols are winning the fight against all kinds of cancers. in fact, since st. jude opened... the survival rate for leukemia, the most common form of the disease, is now at 94 percent, up from just four percent decades ago.... i talk with parents and their life is changed in one day....from they're the next day a diagnosis your costs $2 million per day to operate st.
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i have donors that come in and they know they are making a tremendous impact and they are saving a child life while st. jude in memphis treats the most serious cases of childhood illness the impact of this place, its care, and its research are universal. toss to break over phone bank bump >> you can see the call center live here this morning on this thursday morning. people taking your calls and your $100 donations, there's a playset involved, a 2016 honda civic available toso much. and we'll continue to highlight the fight against cancer as the
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>> father defends a black man accused of a crime he didn't commit. it's a timeless and timely tale
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>> check is out. you're looking at a brand new honda si vik 2016. i've got neil with me this morning. the kids at st. jude children's
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treat folks down in memphis, no cost. if you call today not only will be registered to win a new home, but in addition that car for your $100 donation. >> it's equipped with all the safety features in the world which is nice to know when you have to get a car to take your kids in. >> absolutely. and i want to tell folks this a top notch car. all the bells and whistles here. looking fabulous. you're going to join me outside and take a look? thank you, neil. appreciate it. call right now. let's get the phones ringing. i love when i see everybody's neck like that. it's ok if we have neck issues today. we're doing it for the kids. i have a line here right now.
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st. jude in memorandum miss, tennessee. here's the key, folks. it's more than just treating the cancer. for adults diagnosed with cancer, awful. we can at least comprehend a little bit. imagine telling a child, you have cancer. here's what we're going to do. it's treating the psyche, allowing the families to stay together. sometimes they can't. mom is up in in ohio. dad is with the sick one. mom is back home. the families can't always be together. if we can alleviate that cost, think about it. if you had your child diagnosed wouldn't that be a huge burden off you? and you're treating so much more than the illness. and dan wells is with a family who knows about st. jude and what they do firsthand. as i go down to dan i urge you
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dan, got some cute little girls there this morning. >> we do. we're with the family this morning. they're from dayton, ohio. they have had quite the fight. welcome, guys. we were talking to the girls about their favorite cartoons. and i thankfully noesi little bit of the cartoons because my daughters watch the same thing. girls, are you having fun? how old are you? can you show everybody at home how old you are? are you three? of course. are these guys not the cutest little kids ever. mom and dad, welcome. talk about who we have here. these are special girls. >> yep. this is gabby. >> and this is julie. life. talk about that, mom. >> well, miss julie is -- both of our babies are tough warriors been thriewt a lot. but when julie was 14 months old
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we got it investigated right away. to our worst fears we found out she had a brain tumor. it was inoperable. the best hope to to treat symptoms and do two years of chemotherapy and hoping it would stableize. -- stabilize. her condition is livelong but the tumor is slow growing and it may stop growing on its own. we're proud to say that after two areas of chemotherapy the tumor should rurchg by 35 percent. and guess what? we've been off chemotherapy for one whole year. yah! >> julie, you had a party, didn't you? i asked you and your mom if i can come to the next party which is going to be your graduation party. when you're graduating from high
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how do you feel right now? are you ok, julie? yeah. she's loving -- she's obviously loving the cartoons out there she's loving playing with her sister. and this is in large part thanks to st. jude, right? >> absolutely. >> talk about that journey. because -- i've westbound telling people all morning long. i want to memphis. i checked out the facility, myself. having two girls, myself, a million thoughts raced through my mind. and i'm sure the same for you folks. and to see the love and to see the care that is provided to families like yourselves, i bet is second to none. >> you said it best. you go there and you're family from day one. you feel like you have so much support from start to finish, and from the second we walked in at 3:00 in the morning until our next trip coming up, it's our second home.
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weren't for st. jude -- i and know you do, too -- we may not have our girl. so for all of you out there that help st. jude, thank you. >> and that's why we do this, guys. tickets are $100. and all that have money goes back to st. jude. i mean, i just -- i sit here and i look at these girls. and we are so lucky and these girls are so lucky to have that support and care, and that's why we're doing this. if you're at home scpn touched by this, i into the know. i can't even imagine. that's why that phone number is up there. because every parent, every grandparent knows how vital good
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at her. i mean, julie is amazing. you're amazing too. it's so fun to have your sister, isn't it? >> yes. >> i was showing the girls pictures of my girls, and it's fun to grow up together and have a best friend right in your house, right? again, we're feeling good. we're doing well right now thanks to st. jude. and you guys never saw a bill? >> exactly. >> how important is that? i mean to -- we talked about the kids because it's about the kids but it's also about the family as a whole. and keeping everybody moving forward in such a positive direction, right? >> yeah. it's really important. i think, you know, going there and knowing that your kid is dealing with this big issue, i guess, or any kids that go there and then for people who, you know, can't afford it or don't have the money, it's one less thing to have to worry about.
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to focus all of your time and effort into your kid and their care, and not have to worry about how you're going to pay for these things, you know? >> that's why we're doing it. and we're so thankful you're here. can i have a high five? please. that's right. she's, like, i don't know you that well. >> can i have a five five? all right, girl. we're going to watch some cartoons at some point today. we're going to hang out and make this work. thank you for being here and sharing your story. because it's so valuable. hopefully you guys at home -- just a little bit of insight. this is why we do this. and this is why we're here. i thank you. i know this family thanks you. and we're going to continue the good fight all day long, right? >> yes. >> sounds good. we'll see you guys after a quick break. but those are the people right there talking the calls, taking your $100 donations. 100 percent of what you donate
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kids. we will see you guys in two and
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>> the announcer: this is fox 19 now morning extra. >> good morning. look at these wonderful volunteers. you've been here since what time? >> i got here at 8:00. >> see there? everybody is going to push you aside there. >> 4:30.
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4:30 this morning. we need fresh arms to pick up those phones. give us a call right now. fisher homes, we love it. they -- the house is $340,000? >> it's beautiful. we have an owner's suite on the first floor and a beautiful lost on the second floor. the first floor is open so it's great for entertaining. >> you can't win the house and you you can't help the kids at st. jude if you don't call right now. newer development there? >> yes. it's newer neighborhood. it's beautiful. >> there are big samrocks when you drive in which are cool. >> absolutely. it's themed. it's old world. it has beautiful a mennities coming soon. >> -- amenities. people will love it. >> you broke grownt win?
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drywall is in now. before we know it, it will be decorated and finished in a month. >> enough talking let's get the phones ringing. the drawing for the dream home is going to be on june 10. here's the deal. with the way that we're going here today, those tickets will not be available june 10. we would love to sell out 800,000 -- 8,000 tickets throughout the afternoon today. sure, why not? not only do you get a chance to win a house but we have no shame in bribing you, folks, ok to help the kids. the stories we've been telling you -- because you look at your little ones. i look at leo. when he's screaming and running around the house sometimes you go aarg! but at the end of the day you look at them and love them, right? and you think if there was ever a time i would need help -- if
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cancer, i know that stj is there? i mean, what a rock off your chest on that one, right? let's get a look at the rain that's falling out there this morning. because it is coming down. it's not heavy, though. at times it picks up. i've seen steady rainfall for us southeastern indiana moving in over the next 90 minutes or so. most of the tri-state seeing steadier showers. so into the noon time hour, yeah, we will have steady water around. through lawrenceburg and the 275 loop. looking down to the south we have more rain coming our way. the good news, sure, we'll have an hour or two of steady rain. you'll get a break and it will pick up. by 5::00, 6:00 tonight that rain is really picking up. he look at widespread heavy rainfall for the evening commute. the good news as you walk through the day ahead that rain
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and then we're drive for were you friday. . we're going to bottom out here at an inch, inch quarter of rainfall for many. it's throughout the day, though. that inch is not coming in 30 or 40 minutes. we're not looking at flash flooding concerns. just a typical mild but wet early spring day as the countdown to spring is only 10 days away. got three phones open. number is on your screen. $2 million a day to run strj children's research hospital in memphis, tennessee. not only is the research used at the hospital but they share their findings with hospitals. so many here in the tristate have been affected in a very positive way with the work that they do at st. jude children's research hospital. let's have the phones keep ringing. maybe call the neighbors down the street say, i'm watching fox 19 now this morning. first off if they're not watching get at them.
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money for st. jude. a car. do you want to go in on tickets did? make the phones ring this morning. right now let's go outside. prizes. prize. got to call now to win that brand new honda. >> reporter: good. this is the early bird prize. i have neil and suanne prevent -- presented this car. this is a 2016 honda civic. it's exception. you know what else is exception? your continued commitment to st. jude. >> thank you very much. we're very proud to be part of this. it's a win-win for all the kids. that's all we're here for and that's all it's about. >> reporter: and the rain stopped. >> so we can launch this which is wonderful. >> reporter: i feel like the good man upstair giving us what
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we've been blessed and need to pass that on to the kids. it's great to be part of this and all the honda dealers love bowling part of this. and i thank the other people that have joined us. i think it's the greatest thing in the world to help kids. >> reporter: talk about the features of this vehicle because you can win by donating $100 you can win this car. you can win the house. you could win both or other individual prizes. >> this is the 16 lx civic and it's equipped with the backup camera which all our hondas are now. it has power windows, locks, crews, air-conditioning, keyless entry, and the technology is in this for you to use your iphone and your android and play your miers ik and ebb enjoy a safe, comfortable ride with your kids or friends. >> reporter: you said that well. this is a family car. i have a hop da. i have a toyota too.
9:37 am
fits everything and we can go anywhere we want to go >> glad you're supporting us, dan. >> reporter: it really is car.
9:38 am
i mean this two-tone interior. we're talking about tan and black. it's just so roomy and spay spacious. i'm six foot tall. >> you've got plenty of room. >> i do. it really fits me, you're going to get better gas mileage than that. >> it is fantastic. thank you for were you support. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: we're so appreciative of everything. again, you donate $100. first and foremost it goes to the kids. that's what we're doing this for. 100 percent of the proceeds go to st. jude. and all of these are ancillary but pretty good.
9:39 am
we capacity to sell this out as soon as possible. >> reporter: as i said to luanne, thank you for were you support. we're going to send it to break. two and a half minutes. we're back here so you guys can join us in our fight against childhood cancer. stay with us.
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>> good morning. everybody. we're up here in the call
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we're taking calls for st. jude. >> st. jude dream home give away. i tell you what, folks, we're going to give you the number and we'll tell you why you're dialling it. because we can't do anything for the kids of st. jude if the phones are ringing here. dan, time and time again -- last two years we've sold out. i get an e-mail a day or two later, where can i get my ticket? and have i to give the folks at home the awful news that we're out of tickets. and we're surpassing where we were @globalnews this hour last year. make the phone rings. call now, $100 a ticket, dan, goingback right back to st. jude. we have fantastic prizes. we'll bribe you to make you call. >> i don't mind a bribe. we're talking about that 2016 honda civic i just showed you in the parking lot. >> nice. >> brought to you by the cincinatti and northern kentucky honda dealers association. and that beautiful playset from recreations outlet.
9:43 am
loved one knows that's a key to a kid's heart. >> you may not be able to use it in the rain, but that's why you want to give us a call. make those phones ring. here's the deal. the car and the playset, you don't have a short time to get on that because those prizes will go away even if we had tickets that last into may. but we're not going to. that's why we need to get the phones ringing here now. you and i were out at the dream house yesterday the construction, the drywall is going up. it's a gorgeous home. $340,000 value. sthoo we're talking about three bedrooms, two and a half baths. >> when you drive in and see the four-leaf clover. >> we're showing the good people at home some video of that. it's a fantastic community. my wife teaches out in boone county. good schools, good area. we like that. and it goes for such a valuable cause. >> well, were you down at the
9:44 am
have heard stories. you brought us stories earlier. it's so much more than just treating the illness. you or i, an adult, gets a cancer diagnosis. awful, devastating. we can almost comprehentd imagine telling a child. at the end of the day they're just kids and what st. jude does they make the whole experience quite an experience for these little ones and for the family members. sometimes the family members have to leave their family back at home to be with the child and they make it so comfortable at no cost to them. >> loif that. the number is on your screen. this is why we do it. this is why we're here today. >> i like this. no lines are open right now. but, hey, you might think oh, the lines aren't open i won't call and the kid will cry and you'll go in the other room. no, call now. because if our phones are full here it goes to the national call center.
9:45 am
>> we'll tap dance in we need to make that happen. >> a couple of years ago we shaved our heads. we'll see how desperate we gets. >> the bosses are saying no, you don't look good bald. >> my general manager is saying that but i'm already pretty much bald. we'll be back. the number is on your screen.
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it only takes a second for an everyday item to become dangerous always keep laundry pacs away from children. keep them closed. keep them up. keep them safe. a message from tide >> the announcer: fox 19 weather now is sponsor bid toyota. let's go places. >> good morning. 47 after 9:00. we'll get you back to the telethon but a live look right now. you see the wet pavement. spray up. yeah. it's raining. but the thing here is, though, every once in a while we're getting a quicker down pour but we haven't seen much of the high water, flash flooding concerns.
9:48 am
when the widespread, heavy rains comes in for all of us. notice the heavier rain coming outs of baitsville, indiana. cincinatti, you have lunch time plans?
9:49 am
the afternoon. look at that, 5:00, 6:00. from hamilton, florence, dry ridge, kids have spring practices. it's gamecock to be indoors. i saw some folks out doing lacrosse yesterday. right rain. what we're going to see here is heavier rainfall into the evening hours tonight. by 7:00, 9:00 that rain continues. but by 11:00 we're tapering off and drying it out. tomorrow morning will be dry. 9:49. back up the hallway. dan, are the phones still ringing? >> they're ringing. we need more support. you guys are doing such an awesome job at home and we thank you for the bottom of our heart. waking up early to make sure you guys have someone to talk to, especially when we're making these donations. the number on your screen right here. it's a simple call. $100 to help kids fight cancer. we're back in just a short,
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>> welcome back, we're celebrating st. jude in every way possible. q. you look at the kids on each side of us. and the girls we talked with earlier today. tell you what, folks without st. jude children's hospital, i don't want to imagine where some of these kids would be today. make the phone call to the number on your screen. dan, the phone has been ringing off the hook. if you call today, we're going to sweet ebb the pot a little bit for you. >> we r possible car 2016 honda civic. also a playset from recreations outlet. fox 19 new denise johnson live with more on that. good morning to you. >> reporter: check this out. this is like the monkey tower. hi to climb up and check it out. so you could stand up in here.
9:53 am
this is what everybody needs, right? almost went flying off. you could have this in your back yard just for buying a ticket today and then again continuing. look at this. these guys are all having a ball here. yard. all have you to do is you have $100 buy your ticket for a dream home. it's for a great cause. plus you have a chance to win a beautiful playset. check this out down here. you can sit down here and eat. i've never seen one with a picnic table on it. the kids can eat. they have the tower above them. they could have fun. are you having fun? can i catch you? are you swinging? she's a little camera shy.
9:54 am
what's her name? >> this is nicky. >> reporter: she's having fun. looks like we're missing one right here, huh? a set of rings or something? >> it comes with trapeze rings and we just don't put them on here in the showroom because we >> reporter: you have a lot of kids in here today. that's a cool thing. >> yes. it comes way rock wall, the ez-climb ladder, the picnic tables, wood roof, two swings, the telescope. >> reporter: it's loaded. it's like a loaded car. check out this little one. she's climbing up. >> yeah. >> reporter: yeah? she is going to run away too. you could have this in your back could you win a house. a car.
9:55 am
support st. jude. step up to the plate and give us a call now. i'm going to send it back into the studios. >> denise, the kids look great. you look at those kids having a great time. and god forbid if you're diagnosed with cancer. if you are, there's only one place to be and that's st. hospital. no cost to the families.
9:57 am
i love the sound of the phones ringing and those volunteers helping out. let's help fight childhood cancer together. remember, you can buy more than one ticket, folks.
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>> we're reunited with friends and having a great time. we're looking at a dream home. >> reporter: beautiful out here. so many other prizes and also help little girls like these. >> yeah. girls you were talking with dan earlier. how are you? i hear you like to sing.


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